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Salud sexual y reproductiva

The sexual and reproductive health is about enjoying a pleasant sexual life without risks, with the freedom to choose when to procreate and how often.

This involves the right of men and women to get information and plan the family they want to have, having access to safe, available and adequate contraceptives.

All the above also implies the right to choose the proper health services to allow:

  • design the life plan the person wants
  • enjoy pleasant sexual intercourse, without fears of unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections
  • prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections.

At Marie Stopes International Bolivia you can find a variety of sexual and reproductive health services for women, in addition to the specific services of family planning.

We invite you to learn more about the sexual and reproductive health services that best interests you so you can get more information.

"Double protection" package
Family planning
Sexual and reproductive health
Human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)
Sexually transmited infections (Sti)
Specialized labs

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