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Violence against women

The situation in Bolivia 

In Bolivia, 7 out of 10 women have suffered from some kind of violence, most of them in their own homes. In case of sexual abuse, it's even worse since this practice doesn't leave a visible footprint in the victims.

It's estimated that four out of ten women and one out of four girls are victims of sexual violence in Bolivia and in most cases this assault was done by a male member of the victim's own family.

Violence against women is deeply-rooted in the male chauvinist society and for those responsible to make decisions and operators of justice, it does not represent an important topic in their agendas. The few women who dare to report this type of violence get their justice hopes discouraged as only 0.01% of reported cases end in a firm sentence.

This is a very important public health, social justice and human rights matter. The victims of violence help increase the rates of maternal mortality, as well as HIV spread among other diseases. The poorest women are more exposed to violence and due to their economical position they see impossible their exercise of their rights of a fast and appropriate justice.

Violence against women means a systematic violation to their rights of life, dignity, security, justice, freedom, education and health that not only creates an impact in them but also in their families as in most cases the woman is the only one who supports their children.

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