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Marie Stopes International is a non-profit organization specialized in sexual and reproductive healthcare that uses modern marketing techniques to accomplish the mission of preventing unwanted pregnancy and childbirth.

In 42 countries around the world, Marie Stopes International provides services such as family planning, safe abortion where it’s legal (including post-abortion services), maternal healthcare and the prevention of Hiv including male circumcision.

The MSI programs in 2007 provided worldwide more than 12 millions of CYP (Couple Years Protection), an increased 30% in regard to the previous year and the biggest yearly growth of the organization in its 32 years of history.

This historical growth was possible in part mainly to its other great achievement: the supply of long term and permanent contraceptive methods such as intrauterine devices, injections, implants, vasectomies and female sterilization. It increased in 30% overrunning for the first time the one million mark of contraceptive methods used by our clients.

In 2007, the Global Marie Stopes International Association:

  • Added 46 new attention centers to its network of 431 centers and thousands of service provision points in difficult access rural areas.
  • Increased the female sterilization numbers in 27% over 477.000 previously registered cases.
  • Provided abortion services in 28 African and Asian countries.
  • Opened new programs in Ghana, Mexico D.F., Papua New Guinea and East Timor.
  • Supplied medical training to 25 professionals who, at their turn, transmitted it to more than 400 people in a first training phase in cascade effect which intends to reach more than 4000 professionals in the next four years.
  • Organized in London the First Global Conference on safe abortion, with the participation of more than 700 delegates from 66 countries and played an important role in the advocacy efforts both in the United Kingdom and at international level.

Today, Marie Stopes International is strengthening the quality and coverage of its services in sexual and reproductive health for less fortunate women and couples who live in underdeveloped countries. This increase will contribute to:

  • Eliminate unsafe abortion by expanding the access to essential services of sexual and reproductive healthcare, including safe abortion.
  • Develop the offering of sexual and reproductive healthcare services obtaining a worldwide leadership in providing family planning techniques and safe abortion.
  • Serve the unattended, like populations that live in rural communities, and underdeveloped areas, and also to gain market share on contraceptives.
  • Eliminate obstacles in the provision of sexual and reproductive healthcare services by promoting protection at all levels.
  • Reinforce health systems obtaining partnerships with governments and public sector, allowing them to do more by constant improvement.

By 2010, Marie Stopes International will expand to 5-10 additional countries and will annually look after 20 million couples’ unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

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